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The growth of associations and nonprofit organizations depend greatly on their ability to service members, deliver value-added programs, and show positive outcomes to benefactors and stakeholders.

The leadership at BrewtonMos understands the challenges in managing these tasks, particularly for small organizations. We have 15 years experience in spearheading communications, membership marketing and public relations for national organizations. Consequently, we can provide your organization with the expertise it needs to grow.

Whether your aim is to increase membership, gain greater visibility for your cause, host successful events, or perform day-to-day operations more professionally, BrewtonMos can help you realize your goal.

We offer associations and nonprofits the following professional services:

  • Administrative & Committee Support (On and Off-Site)
  • Communications
  • Events & Meetings Management
  • Fundraising/Development
  • Membership Marketing
  • Program Development/Management
  • Public & Media Relations
  • Web Development & Maintenance

For a free consultation to determine how BrewtonMos can help your organization, contact Kathleen Moore at (240) 487-6695.

Phone: (240) 487-6695
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