Advancing Grassroots Advocacy

MTABrewtonMos leveraged its web development expertise to advance the legislative efforts of Mid-Tier Advocacy. We designed a grassroots action website to help small and mid-size federal contracting firms push for changes in federal contracting policies by communicating their concerns to directly to members of the U.S. Senate.

The interactive website sports the newest in web technology, including:

Web-Based Letter Campaign Functionality
Users can write the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship to urge legislators to pass legislation that includes language for an ASB Pilot. The function allows users to personalize their letter, but is configured to reject letters that include inappropriate language.

Spam Proof Feature is supported by a MySQL database on the back end that registers each user's response, prevents him/her from submitting more than one letter and, consequently, prevents spamming.

Responsive Design
The site's design is suitable for viewing on mobile devices. Users can send a letter to Congress from their smart phone, iPad, or other hand held devices.

Secure Email Transmission is secured by a SSL certificate that ensures the secure transmission of email letters.

Cross Browser Compatibility
The most commonly used web browsers, including Internet Explore 9+, FireFox, Safari, and Chrome support the site.

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