Frequently Asked Questions

Does BrewtonMos only service the Washington, DC Metro Area?
No. Because of the nature of our business and advances in technology, BrewtonMos is able to service companies throughout the United States. To discuss your marketing, public relations or training needs, contact us at or (240) 487-6695.

We have a small nonprofit. How can BrewtonMos help us?
BrewtonMos can provide you with a broad range of association management services including, administrative services, board and committee support, program development, marketing, event planning, and more. We will develop a tailored association management service package based on your organization's needs, and give you the option of having on-site staff support or virtual assistance from our location.

What kind of training do you provide?
Because we specialize in communications, marketing, and public relations, our training services focus squarely on these areas. We provide training and coaching services to all staff levels from administrative assistants to CEOs.

How do you determine your web development fees?
At BrewtonMos, we take a strategic approach to developing websites. Consequently, our web development fees are determined by functionality built into the site, the type of site (static or dynamic), advanced content delivery features, and special web features that help you accomplish your communications and marketing objectives.

Do you use web templates?
No. All of our websites are original designs developed by our creative and web teams and customized to your company's needs. Our sites are designed to support your business model, advance your marketing efforts, and promote your corporate brand.

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