Our Team

Kathleen Moore
CEO & Chief Creative Mind
Kanasha 'Kay' Trent
Administrative & Events Specialist
Maria Goodwine
Staff Writer
David Schellhaas
Senior Graphic Designer
Mike Swartzbeck
Graphic Designer
Ayesha Mahmood
Senior Web Developer

About BrewtonMos

Business is a highly competitive game. To win, it takes skill, preparation and a well-crafted strategy. At BrewtonMos, we leverage our communications expertise, creative talent, and marketing know-how to make your business a serious competitor in the marketplace.

BrewtonMos is a full service communications, marketing, and public relations firm. Formerly, StrateComm, LLC, the firm was formed in 2007 by communications and marketing expert, Kathleen Moore. We maintain a talented creative team with more than 40 years combined experience in communications, graphic design, public relations, web development, and strategic marketing.

At BrewtonMos, we take a holistic approach to servicing our clients and understand that each client is different and, hence, require a customized solution. That is why we engage our clients in creative processes that lead to tailored solutions. From crafting powerful messages that influence policymakers to creating provocative designs that capture your company brand, BrewtonMos will help you realize your organizational goals.

Phone: (240) 487-6695
Email: info@brewtonmos.com
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